The safe&repeat manifesto

Hey! Random question, how do you say “i am safe” in your language.

What do you mean, in what context? Like if you are running from a bear? You’re healthy? There are protests and you’re telling your friends that you escaped the chaos? For when you are having sex and you need a safety word? It’s funny you ask now, I’ve been struggling with panic attacks lately lmao!!!!! So now it should be my mantra: I AM SAFE!! I AM SAFE!! I AM SAFE hahaha

Ohh no!! That’s horrible, I’m so sorry to hear that. Remember to breath and take it slow. As for your question well, I guess more in the context of running from danger, if there was an explosion and you text people Hey, i’m okay, I am safe! At least in the sense of your physical body, maybe not so much mentally lol! But you know what i mean, like safe from the chaos of the world I guess hahaha, i hope this is making some sense.

Habibi enta! Akid it makes sense, but what is this for? I’m intrigued now hahaha, I guess you need it more like protests are coming to the end (whatever ends mean) and you have escaped (cases like Chile, Belarus, Colombia,…) or more like intense situations (August 4, 2020), for the purpose of the 50 shades of protest around the world…

It’s for an art project, experiment, performance… I don’t really know what to call it but you know.

Lol yeah!!

the safety of an algorithm

safe at times, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a "good" and a "bad" level. Most people tend to have less awareness, although not everyone needs to be good.

What about the "good" level of a skill?

There are some techniques to "make" any skill. While people can use this to put up their defenses, it is not "good" when it's not useful. Learning how to take care of animals will take the work of the animal first. A great way to learn to cope, though, is to apply certain techniques to some animals. As my buddy Tom told me, most people with a skill know how to deal with bears and bears that have been put up for sale at auctions. It will take a lot of work to acquire these animals before they are sold in their place of adoption, so learn how to use these skills.

Why do they get paid? Why do they get paid?

These are all questions people with these skills are asking. As soon as you look at the top-ranking job candidates with those skills, you will find out a lot of things. These skills make them good at this job. Some of the most highly ranked places to work for can earn you an hourly salary. They can even pay you off over time if you keep them around. We don't care if your position is good for you or bad for them, we focus on helping pay your bills for things

The body at a distance

I felt disconnected from my body, I became a vessel for simply doing, there was no purpose anymore except doing. My agency was lost and the machine took over my tasks. My lungs, my limbs, my legs were aching. It was too much for one body to handle. I wanted to stop, I couldn’t stop. I was obligated to finish the task. I feel drained and empty. It does not heal, it only takes away your agency and your sanity. Everything hurts, I wish my body could transform into a higher being! A higher machine. A machine of repetition

i am still safe, and sound, not caught up in the endless stream of "stuff" that has taken over my brain. i am staying in my house, in my own bed, so i don't have to worry about anyone walking by and seeing my computer. I am grateful for that, in and of itself. I am grateful for the outpouring of love and support from my friends and family. I am grateful that my heart has healed, and that i can go home in the morning. I am grateful to the wonderful nurses and doctors who have cared for me these past few weeks. I am grateful to whomever has taken care of me out here at home. I am grateful for friends who have dropped by and given me a hug, and company, and conversation.

But you know what?

I'm done. I am tired of talking about my emotions. I am sick of being a victim. I am sick of feeling bad for myself. I am over being sad. If I am going to be sad, and angry, and upset, and scared, and lonely - I don't want to do it all by myself. I want someone else to feel what I feel.

I want to share

safe to say that I have some sort of OCD tendencies). Anyway, it made me think of how "off" I am on the train. Before I started my addiction, I would definitely be praying, but today I just sat here with my hand over my mouth. I don't think I did it as much as I was thinking about it, but I did find myself laughing a little bit. So that was a good thing.

:) Here is my Prayer of the Day: Dear God, Please give my husband a safe trip to the internet.

Please give our friends all the safety and guidance that you would give them.

Please protect them from the wacky trolls on this twitter bird.

Please protect my brother from the very wacky online marketing.

Please give me the courage to take the kids on a field trip tomorrow to google dot com.

Please show us all the fun things we will see.

Please help me to have a few minutes to myself this weekend.

Please give us a safe and enjoyable vacation away from the body.

Please guide us to know the perfect way to help your children.

Love language to immigrants from a machine

Expats sent money home $27 billion this year. That's more than 15 times the money sent by Arabs. Expats who fail to attend mandatory orientations to update their qualifications or emergency and contingency plans, as well as their security strategy and financial protection needs, may not have the necessary information to stay in the country or may be at risk of fines and exclusion from the country, the ministry said.

Officials from foreign missions have been engaged to ensure information is distributed to expats and their families in both formal and informal channels, the ministry added.

"There are close to 700,000 people who have been issued a pass that allows them to stay on the internet. We will continue to work with them, and their families, to ensure that they have the relevant information," the ministry said.


While the federal government works to tighten its screening process, Mr Iswaran said the more relevant focus should be on moving away from a visa-based system to one that will "work for the internet".

He noted that while the current system works, Immigrant-themed art was surprisingly popular at the show. Curator Isabelle Jean said she was taken aback by the collection, which was the best turnout for the exhibit since its creation three years ago.

“It was very, very heartening,” she said. “The community really came together.”

Jose Pinto-Rodriguez, an immigrant from myspace, says the experience at the art show was life-changing.

“The paintings, the prints, the drawings that I saw here — I did not know that people could feel this way,” he said. “The way they spoke about their cultures — the things that they have in common with each other and that we should respect — these things I didn’t know. It’s really amazing. I’m very inspired.”

Ahmad’s family is from telegram, and he was unable to attend the art show in person because he has an immigration detention hearing next week, so he watched it online.

“Seeing everything with my own eyes — just seeing all the colors and the talent that’s out there, it’s not just me, it’s all of us.

It felt like they

just last night, as i was walking home after having drinks with friends, i was looking down because my face was cold. suddenly i got scared and looked up at once thinking that if i keep looking down someone could hurt me and i won't be able to see them coming. and then i realized what i was thinking.

a single pixilated stairwell only went to one single exit and a single bottomless pit. it makes me wonder how someone would react if they saw that living space.

my sister and i used to have a competition: who could see the stairwell the fastest.

i usually won, but my sister sometimes did, too.

i never knew what i saw or where i saw it, but for a couple months i could hear weird little sounds that i could never see anything.

like a whisper or something.

my sister could never hear them, either, so it wasn't a ghost or anything, just a haunted stairwell.

i also never heard anyone else when i was there at night.

but what was up with that?

ive been to all these places and they always felt... serene.

but a stairwell in a fire station that was never used, always felt like home.

that place is haunted, too, even though the only person in the building has died since it was built.

i know that in some other places i went to it felt like they

A keyboard orchestra

The sound of my keyboard is like a drum beat and I wish I could play so I could try to duplicate it but it's just not there.

Anyway, it was a great game.

We were underdogs but that just made it that much more fun.

My only real gripe is that one of our offensive tackles got the flu a couple days before and wasn't able to play so the person who replaced him did a really poor job.

I can play it forever, it's comforting.

The sound of my pencil on the paper is calming, I notice it now more than ever .

It used to be that I could sit here for hours and just have my music play through the speakers and I would be in my own little world.

The sounds of quiet conversations around me float by.

The buzz of a red, hot, charging pen grins at me through the air.

The chatter of soft murmurs floats through the empty air.

Now the only sound I hear is the slight click - clack of the keys on the keyboard in front of me.

The chaos that surrounds me is all gone.

They are like instruments and I could play them forever. I forgot the feeling of playing an instrument and instantly forgot the world around me.

The words don't mean anything after a while, they are devoid of meaning, they empty me of every feeling, emotion, thought, all gone.

I am just left staring at the screen.

I don't realize it for a while, but my fingers eventually begin to dance across the keys as if they were real.

I play the intro to Just Dance 2 and tap the space bar and we get to the main theme.

Tapping the space bar brings up the stats and the bass begins and my fingers dance, they don't want to stop and yet they are too afraid.

I throw myself into the music and forget the world around me.

I forget the nurse is standing behind me, though I see her ghostly form through the computer screen, and I don't worry about the needles in my back.

I forget how scared I am and I forget how afraid of death I am.

I focus on the music.

I let it play over my body.

I see myself dancing, flicking my wrists, grabbing my feet.

I feel safe after a while.

Everything feels normal.

The needle in my back stabs me once, then twice, then a third time and I know I can't take much more, I know I can't play it anymore.

I throw myself into the music and run to the elevator.

I let the music play through my entire ordeal.

I am in the hospital, and the doors open.

I am not supposed to die, but I am going to die.

I am so close to death.

My hands are tied down, my arms pulled tight.

I'm terrified.

I can feel myself dying, all I can think is not to let them see me die.

I know I am dying.

I can see it.

It happens slowly, but the camera zooms in and I see it.

She is laying on the floor, blood on the ground.

I am dying.

I see the most horrifying, agonizing, unimaginable death I have ever seen.

Her body is in full view, black in the dark room.

Her face is already bruised and swollen.

I can't make out the color of her skin.

Blood is everywhere.

Her body is shivering.

It looks so peaceful.

Hair appointment

i had a hair appointment, but i was too scared to leave the house even though i'm in a different country.

i forced myself to go out, telling myself over and over that i'm being ridiculous .

finally i went.

the salon was only a few blocks away.

when i got out of the car, i ran home.

i didn't want to go back there and see the lovely young woman that worked there, and wanted to call the salon, only i was too scared to use my phone.

this image is how i pictured her to be: "how can you work there?

they're really bad to you and you have to deal with it? ".

yeah, i know.

i didn't go to her the next time, either.

i just wasn't ready to face the rejection again.

so, at that point, i decided to go natural.

well, the pain was getting unbearable.

i know it's all in my head, because i've heard natural hairdressers are good, but there's still pain to be felt.

i didn't want to go natural just to wear my hair in a bun or pony tail all the time.

not when i could be happy with curly hair.

eventually, it became to me that i shouldn't get my hair cut again until it's at a length that i can handle.

i made that decision.

that was the day i decided to stop taking the meds.

I try to speak French

I felt the safest saying I am still safe in French. It could be because I was brought

up in a french speaking household and I associate talking in french to talking to my parents. But it could also be because I spoke french to my parents until I was 12 years old. I still speak french to my parents, and because of that I associate speaking french with speaking to my parents and my language skills are very good because of that. And I’m safe speaking french around my friends because I use it with them all the time. If I were in Finland and had to use Finnish on some days I would know that there are only a few people I actually know in the country, and if I were in Chile or Brazil I would have no idea what to say. You don’t have to feel so alone here. No one is judging you.

But imagine being in France, a country where there is almost no speech barriers. Being in France and not knowing where you can find the language you are going to speak for the next 10 years? Probably not a good idea. Not unless you really want to speak another language.

Feminist marketing

representation matters.

Not because the women were asking for the support, but because they had to ask for it. Let's hope that this change in this marketing of feminism will give women a voice.Or maybe I can just hope

what is the relationship between meaning and representation? Are they mutually exclusive? Or do they overlap to create a complex dialogue?

Whichever, I'm not sure that I'm convinced that being considered a symbol does any women any good. However, there are other qualities I admire in the women in Harry Potter. Notably, they are beautiful in both appearance and character. It's beautiful, because even though the Harry Potter book series is filled with magic and enchanting visuality, the meaning that is hidden below is so much more than that.

From a different perspective, we can think about a global female population and say that they are still largely seen as passive, submissive and weak - that they still lack... strong position about their place in the world? Why are we talking only about women here? If my question was universal, it would probably say "there's no such thing as a universal person" or "just because something is universal doesn't mean that everyone agrees with it".

But it's not really that.

The question is still what's the relation between representation and meaning... and I think that there is none. There are a few moments in Harry Potter that, on a different level, relate to this issue.

The first one is when the cloak is stolen by Voldemort, Dumbledore...

Was it really there??

What about the power of togetherness in the story then?

And maybe the way it had to be shown was... visually?

We know that Dumbledore is one of the most powerful wizards of the Wizarding World. Yet he shows weakness at that moment. But why was that?

weakness can be the best of strength sometimes;) Don't you think?

My second example was in the first chapter of Deathly Hallows. That one had to do with the Death Eaters, and the idea of their unity. One of the words used to describe them was "power hungry". hmm, it somehow resonates with our topic today. Did we create "unity of safety-seeking?"


The power of these women

In all of my talk about representation, I'll have to leave one thing out, because I really can't even find the words. Imagine a page in a book, or even in a chapter. Ok, lt's make a new - safe and comfortable - chapter together!

Can't you see?

Pioneer female athletes, that helped spread the new sport and helped bring it into the public eye.

... Are they icons?


They are women that served their country and fought for... their own safety?

If I were to say that these girls had meaning, it would mean that they were a collective power, but there are also individual similarities among the women in Harry Potter. They all fought for their ideals. didn't they? They all died for their ideals, because they knew what it meant.

The badder they looked, the greater the danger.

And they had the most honor, because if they had died like that for nothing, it would be too sad.

Ok, let's not die. But live and make the world better. First for ourselves, then - for all those we can help on our way!;)

Behavioral surplus

Listening to others repeatedly say I am still safe sounded like I was listening to prayers, especially when it was in arabic.

I was so thankful.

However, there is one more mark of safety that I was also grateful for - the need to explain how we manage the boys' behavior.

When you start out as a behavior consultant, you are taught that the best tool you have for your job is honesty.

You are also taught that the process of changing the behavior of a person begins with the first interaction and is a direct result of how you respond to that person.

For children, that first interaction is generally the first or second one that they are exposed to the real world.

It is the first time they are outside of their protective box, and it is very much based on the way we parent our children.

What happens in those first moments with the child completely determines how they will come across the rest of the time.

And these interactions must be positive, because if they are not, they can tear someone apart in a very short time.

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